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Breathing for Rock Climbing Performance with Georgie Abel


Diablo Rock Gym
1220 Diamond Way, Ste 140 94520 Concord United States
$20: members/ $35: non-members
Max: 12 participants

In this workshop, Georgie shares her extensive knowledge of yoga and breathing techniques to help students enhance their rock climbing performance. Breathing is an important yet often overlooked aspect of athletic training and overall wellness.

Participants will be taught several different breathing techniques to apply to common situations that we encounter while rock climbing, such as:
-getting pumped/tired
-feeling fear, stress, and other emotions
-staying focused
-relaxing unnecessary tension from muscles
-making quick decisions
-preparing for a route at our physical limit
-injury/overuse prevention through body awareness

In addition to performance-enhancing breath work, students will also learn proper breathing for every day wellness and stress-relief.

Georgie Abel is a climber and certified yoga teacher with ten years of teaching experience and over 1,000 hours of training. She has worked with many professional athletes including world-class rock climbers. Georgie recently published her first eBook, Modern Redpointing, which applies yoga, breathing, and eastern philosophy to rock climbing performance.