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Seminar w/ Rob Renner Shihan


Contra Costa Budokan Martial Arts Academy
1830 Salvio St 94520 Concord United States
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Seminar w/ Rob Renner - "Blurring Reality", using correct bio-mechanics to control your attackers perceptions.

Rob is currently a resident of Japan, where he has lived for over a decade.

Working as a movement coach, he trains people in the Zeropoint Training System, which is fundamentally about correcting people’s movement habits, this includes injury-prevention exercise for adults, body re-composition, nutrition, etc.

Because of his focus on developing correct movement in a testable, scalable structure, Rob feels it is important to continue learning as much as possible from the best practitioners, even after 30 years of training. This is why you will see him throughout the week at Hatsumi Soke’s and the Shitenno’s classes, training, studying and translating. In addition, he runs his own training 5 days a week at Mabashi Jinja and as such, Rob is in a unique position to share insights from Budo Taijutsu.

Rob is well known for his ability to explain and simplify the more subtle aspects of Budo Taijutsu as well as sharing drills and training ideas that make reproducing these aspects attainable at a much faster pace.

Because he clearly shows the structure of training, from the very foundational movements to the seeming magic of Soke Hatsumi, and how they are connected, people always leave Rob’s classes with a feeling of exhilaration at finally grasping some pieces of the puzzle, and knowing they now have a much clearer direction for their own training!

The number one comment heard after attending Rob’s class for the first time is, “I wish I would have come sooner!”

Seminar Schedule:

Saturday 11am - 7pm

Sunday 10am - 4pm

Tuition for both days is $125 ($150 at the door)

Register for both days Here: http://contracostabudokan.perfectmind.com/socialsite/BookMe/StepConfirm?eventId=5fadbe3f-e3e3-4aa7-b649-8d2ce517e3a0&RawId=57b0a0fe-dc81-46d7-8c0e-0664bd1ca03f&Start=1472295600000&End=1472400000000&IsCourse=0

Tuition for one day is $80

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